Oh, Window display mannequin is very important!A grade elegant and beautiful clothes, if general ordinary to hang it in ordinary clothes and through fine clothing display props, models to wear it up, with appropriate accessories, then the spotlight hit in props, models and on the top of the head, clothes unique styles and fine workmanship immediately revealed. So consumers will not feel an eye can see the style, design style and highlight it? The answer is yes. So through the clothing display props to show, will be virtually stimulated the customer’s desire to buy, and will facilitate the more sales.As is known to all, mannequin is the most conspicuous position in the market or clothing shop doorway. With the internationalization and popularization of garment brands, how to attract customers into the store has become a popular probe and thinking topic. Mannequin props design and ordinary clothing display props, models is different, it requires the most intuitive also need the most profound display to the customer the present main concept and popular elements, only in the mannequin props and window design enough effort to do clothing sales is the first step.

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Window display mannequin is a magic weapon to win the success of sales