A high-end clothing, loosely hanging in the ordinary hanger, you may pass will not see more than two eyes, but if you use clothing show models to wear it, coupled with the appropriate accessories, and then hit the spot with a spotlight Head, the unique style of clothing and fine work suddenly appear exhaustive, virtually stimulating the customer’s desire to buy, and contributed to more orders.

What kind of props models can best stimulate the customer’s desire to buy? This is all the clothing brand is beginning to gradually focus on the issue. Guangzhou Man Wen display supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional production of clothing models manufacturers, long-term supply brand clothing model props, to help guests design their own specific types of clothing models, so that the window effect to achieve the best. Model modeling is constantly changing, to adapt to the trend of the times. To female models, for example, height 178cm, measurements of the proportion of deviation from the normal beautiful models are more popular, because “they” is the perfect image of ordinary people mind, more in line with the pursuit of people’s psychological beauty. So the models of the clothes will become more eye-catching, sales will steadily increase.

Why do you want to buy display models

With the clothing industry more and more competition, especially some international brands of clothing settled in the Chinese market, Europe and the United States brand clothing like to use tall clothing display models, model hanger wholesale business is also booming. Those models to wear clothes look particularly tall and straight, but also very seductive, virtually led the clothing company’s business.

Europe and the United States brand clothing more like abstract models props, facial lines are more vague, different body posture. Guangzhou Manwan display supplies Co., Ltd. products are mostly female model height in the 172-180cm, male model height in 178-185cm, many brand clothing companies like to use about 175cm female models, male models in the 180-185cm or so The On the one hand because the proportion of high-profile body beautiful, leg lines look more slender, on the other hand because many domestic clothes flying size began to increase, elongated, so the requirements of the model body will be relatively high.

If a model props 1,000 yuan, a store with 4-5 models, it is necessary to spend tens of thousands, if more than a few shops, the cost will be a lot, and the model’s life is also a few years, but why So many companies are willing to buy high-priced models?

More and more brands began to agree with such a reason: even if it is very cheap clothes, wearing a valuable model who, with the right jewelry, and then hit the spotlight, clothes seemingly high. A cheap Siamese shirt wearing a expensive model who immediately let a group of guests have a desire to buy, so no wonder there will be a group of guests after the exclaimed: “Look at the models who look good clothes to buy, but buy back It seems not so good to wear the effect