Shop display is related to the corporate image design, attracting a large number of passenger problems. Recently held in the “Apparel Fashion Forum”, the person concerned made this elaboration. Experts point out that the store display to attract people’s attention, to attract people to come to enjoy space to enjoy the design and the freshness and comfort. Some people think that the appearance of the store to attract the customer base should be in the store consumption of the crowd, in fact, this may not, because many customers in front of the door and there is no clear tendency to buy only through the design of the people do not buy only shut out , It will reduce the potential consumer base. In the store’s style and color selection, to reflect their own characteristics. For example, children’s clothing store colors should be bright and bright to attract small customers.

A French expert believes that in the shop display, brand clothing must pursue the image of unity. For example, “Benetton” on display, usually in the center of the store put a model portrait, in both sides of the honeycomb container, neatly stacked stacked various types of clothing, giving a dazzling array of rich variety of feeling. “Benetton” is very distinctive features, from a distant place in the past, people know it is the world’s stores are the same display.

From Taiwan, has been designed and decorated in the Friends of department stores, SOGO Ms. Ke Wenhui store, store layout has the following principles: First, decoration is simple as well, can not be overwhelming. There was a store, the image of the model on the wall made huge, customers are very depressed under the stand, and only pay attention to the model after the door, no longer pay attention to the goods. Second, attention to customer line, that is, the customer into the counter within the line. Easy to understand, easy to take; also take into account the service line: that is, taking into account the sales staff can quickly provide customers with product advice, timely replenishment and other factors. Clothing stores are generally not large, we all want customers to visit the store to produce consumer opportunities, so the display of goods, equipment and equipment should be changed a little more moving lines to encourage customers to stay longer.

Three criteria to help boutique women's store display

Ms. Ke also said that in the goods on display, the basic requirements are neat, beautiful, easy to take, packaging intact, rich three-dimensional, at a glance. Shelves and goods to be color, Qi code, the price of goods signed, bar code, etc. to complete. But also pay attention to the color series and style of the layout, the color from the shallow depth, style should be with each other. The basic shape of the display of goods: triangular, repetitive, symmetrical, asymmetric, linear composition, radiation composition, and so on. “The use of the wonderful, keep one”, according to the specific circumstances of flexibility.


Clothing display of the three standards

  1. Tidy, standardized

Clothing store must first keep clean, clean, clean, clothing racks without dust, cargo piled up, mounted flat, bright lights, give customers a good shopping environment. Clothing store specification is the division of the regional market, the size of the shelves, clothing display, folding, sample, etc. in accordance with the clothing brand or conventional standards.

  1. Reasonable and harmonious

Clothing store channel planning to be scientific and rational, shelves and other props placed in line with the customer’s shopping habits and ergonomics, a variety of clothing area division and brand promotion and marketing strategy for. At the same time to do clothing display a sense of rhythm, color coordination, the overall style of the shop inside and outside the coordination of unity.

  1. Fashion, unique

In modern society, clothing is a fashion product, whether it is fashion or home service, are all marked by the brand of fashion, clothing store display is no exception. Fashion clothing store in the fashion sense, so that customers from the clothing store to display a clear understanding of the main push products, the main push color, access to fashion information. In addition, the clothing display to form a clothing store itself a unique brand of culture, so that the clothing store from the window design, clothing display, display style has its own unique style, full of personality.

Clothing store display work only in accordance with the above three criteria to do, in order to truly achieve a good display effect. With the domestic garment enterprises to strengthen brand awareness, the display is gradually being brand enterprises attention. To display truly integrated into the brand planning, so that the display and brand of positive interaction, and the establishment of the brand characteristics of the display, is our continuous efforts and explore a goal.