Mannequin also known as body forms, it comes in many different styles, materials and colors. There are mannequins are made of wood,fiberglass,plastic,fabric and so on. The mannequin perform the function of a fashion show model in showing off clothing, without the salary that goes with the model. That is why you are here, to sell your clothing. The use of mannequin in a store.

The first thing to catch the buyer’s eye was likely the display window mannequin’s showing off all the new fashions and sales.It’s one reason the customer went into the store.Because the mannequin gave the clothing the chance to draw the customer inside.And for a retailer, how to get sales by getting customers inside the store is the main question.The store window is the retailer’s title and gallery picture. It’s the one chance to grab someone’s attention to the store. So the sweater you placed on the mannequin now looks fuller and more vibrant than it did just laying on a coat hanger against the door or on a carpeted floor. The different use of mannequin in showing off the garment.

The mannequin torso can show off most clothing suitable for toddler age group,these tend to be full torso styles-partial legs and arms, allowing you to use the full rang of clothing, the arms and legs on this style are not longer than a few inches and they are not full body mannequins .Female and Male mannequins come in 2 different styles. The full torso (arms and legs) or the waist style (no legs). There are advantage to both styles. The full torso style is suitable for displaying all types of clothing but is especially adept at showing off lingerie and shorts.With the crotch and legs,garments can take on a smooth and life like form.The waist style is especially good at showing off garment above the waist such as the bras,jackets,and tops in general. Pants and skirts can be used on either style. The use of mannequin is available.There are some of our ideas and views. Check out other opinions as well as your own. Visit stores in the mall and see what draws you in. Use the ideas they have and mix them with your own to achieve your goal. Thanks for stopping by and please take a look at our store and auctions. Ask questions if you like, we try to answer all promptly. You can also contact us with our website , we will supply you many kinds of mannequin.

The use of mannequin