A mannequin is a model of a human being, or of a large part of a human body. It is always made of construction material vary widely, like as the mannequin size or realism. The Spelling of MannequinThe mannequins are probably most famous for their use in the fashion industry, but they are also used in medical training, art and dressmaking. The mannequin we usually purchase to decorate the department store. Because these stores are always willing to give away its mannequins or sell them at a low cost if it goes out of business.

And you will ask me, why sometime the spelling is “manikin” . Yes, manikin is also correct. It is derived from the same root word, the Dutch mannekijn which means “little person”. At the early age, this word is used to describe the dwarfs, but over time it is used refer to the artistic human body. At first, English speakers were using “manikin ”to talk about artists models, and in 1902, the modern spelling was picked up from the French to describe models that used to displaying clothes at department stores. The spelling of mannequin is called manikin more and more popular.

For a department store, the mannequins are jointed so that they can be put into varying positions. Because the mannequins in these stores are almost the artist’s mannequin, they are usually jointed so that the artist can pose it as needed. These models also come in a range of size, from hand-size to life-sized. The other spelling of mannequin is sometimes called dummy or lay figures. Why have the different in the spelling of mannequin? It depends on the region of the world they are in. whether mannequin or manikin, even the dummy, the spelling of mannequin is more popular than others. Luckily, we can support the varies of mannequin, manikin or dummy, we are the professional manufacture industry, we can provide the customized size or color, so if you have any demands of mannequin you can contact us. http://qianwandisplays.com We have high quality female, male and children fiberglass mannequin or plastic mannequin. They are all used to displaying the products.