2016 Wuhan Fashion Week will be held in November, in the middle of the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the theme of “innovation lead, fashion lighting city.”

According to reports, this fashion week a total of 40 professional fashion catwalk release, which Wuhan local brands and designers have 28 games. In the main venue, Wuhan well-known brand glaciers, Taihe, Reds, China’s top ten designers Huang Liyong and Jordan, as well as Wuhan cutting-edge designer Luo vanadium, Wang Yuqi, Liu Zhengxin, etc., will release new work. The venue will also be released a large number of outstanding works of the original Wuhan original designer.

Wuhan Fashion Week this year will be the first attempt with the first domestic “show that is to buy” network platform to achieve network live and watch show orders. Previously, “show is to buy” only appeared in New York Fashion Week. This new marketing model will greatly shorten the time difference between new product display and batch listing.

The public can choose to watch fashion show single

Fashion Week, Wuhan will also carry out the city fashion linkage activities, and fashion buyers shop, Wenchuang groups such as linkage, the use of its WeChat public to carry out fashion selection activities to fashion week ticket incentives interactive, so that more people concerned With participation.

Wuhan Fashion Week since 2012, has been held for five consecutive sessions. The first four to see, to show the city culture has become the characteristics of Fashion Week. The fashion week will be “bridge” for the theme of the theme of the dance, the opening ceremony will show the integration into the Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge and other urban landmarks of the costumes.

Leveraging fashion week platform, Wuhan garment industry is sprinting the next one hundred billion industry. Wuhan City Development and Reform Commission Deputy Director Chi Shaohua introduction, Wuhan garment industry annual output value has exceeded 50 billion yuan in China ranked sixth, with Yu Dahua, Ai Di and a large number of well-known brands of Chinese clothing. Han sent clothing, OEM from OEM to independent research and development. Wuhan excellent design strength gathered, Wuhan Textile University, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and other colleges and universities design power second only to Shanghai, Beijing, Fashion Week will build a Wuhan designer to the international fast track.