Show model props we often see in daily life. But the window model in the window design techniques are varied, according to the window size of the different, we can window models for different combinations and ideas. Small window is a large window of the epitome, as long as the master of the basic design of the window, it can calmly deal with some large window design.

At present, most of the domestic clothing brand of the main store store, the main terminal in the market to a single facade and two facades and the main window size is basically between 1.8-3.5 meters. This small and medium-sized window, basically using two and three window model display.

The design method of window in window display

Model props and clothing is the most important element in the window, a simple to the extreme window will have these two elements, while the two elements also determines the basic frame and shape of the window, so learn the window model display can be the first Starting from the combination of human mode. Different combinations and changes in the pattern will produce spacing, echo and rhythm. Different arrangements will give different feelings. While changing the pattern and combination of people, we can also change the style of clothing between people to get more interesting changes. In addition, the same window in the clothing, we usually want to use the same series of clothing, so that the color of clothing, design style will be more coordinated, the content is relatively simple. In order to make the window become more rich, we also need this series of clothing length, size, color to adjust.