Men’s clothing than women’s clothing variety of patterns, many brands of men’s clothing in the model props with the choice and use are not carefully selected and with. In fact, the same style of clothes in the use of different models of models props show the effect is different. Like the domestic large-scale stores in Jack Jones, seven wolves, Nike, Adidas them according to their own brand of different styles, in the choice of men’s clothing model props also exhausted, the brand style to show the best in the shortest time to attract the public eye, Try to rate, and ultimately reach sales.

The correct use of men with clothing models props

Men’s model props compared to the ladies model props style update slow, style is also relatively simple. The main points of sports models props, leisure models props and suit models props. Which suit props often used headless male model, easy to match, people in the choice of suit will not be affected by the profile of the face profile. Leisure style models of props and sports models props with a large range of action, facial angular style.