In the window design, the window in a variety of forms, window design and model props are also placed in different. How to better design window, better with the clothing model props placed, Qianwan model with some experience, for everyone to tell the window design process to show several major forms.

There are several forms of model props in window design:

(1) open-open-style window model props generally no back, window directly with the store space, people can store the room through the glass panoramic view, the design should pay attention to the layout of the window layout Highlight and the application of color, the theme should be more clear, is the usual form of window design.

Open window in the design and implementation of the extreme two sides:

The arrangement of the window props

  1. Difficulty – requires the store and the window in terms of color, structure or product display can form a unified picture of the perfect, and the window should be highlighted, there are three-dimensional sense of space. The following are the same as the “
  2. Easy – shop-based space perfect design, no need to use other decorative items to do too much modification, so that the window display and store the overall space combined.

2) Closed window – behind the wall with the store completely separated, the formation of a separate space window to become “closed window.”

3) semi-enclosed window – back and shop with semi-transparent form called “semi-enclosed window.” This window space is divided into many forms. Can be a good balance between the windows and shops at the same time, the use of a wide range of flexible and diverse implementation methods.