“There is a shadow in the world, and the light is brighter.” – Charles Dickens

When the status of technology in life more and more important, which makes clothing vendors who thought, how to use technology to allow consumers to pay. So smart

The seller began to introduce the lights into the window, at night can also allow customers to enjoy the window, the use of light to show the window show props more Chu Chu

Showcase of the window model-Qianwan mannequin

Moving in order to attract shoppers to the window.

Lighting can highlight the window model props, there is no doubt that the window can also display a more vivid image. Unfortunately, it is also the most overlooked element in the window display. Lighting with good, you can highlight the key commodities, or let the whole window shine, in the competition filled with high street shops stand out.

Showcase of the window model-Qianwan mannequin

Louis Vuitton stores in New York, USA, the application of the concept of lighting is very perfect, they are hanging in the window of hundreds of color fluorescent tubes, not only for the product credit, but also attracted a large number of tourists sightseeing. Their other window shows the use of laser light to the cleverly arranged mirror, forming a vivid, trendy window display program. However, not all of the window around the lighting design display a large cost. The specially designed from the UK to China for the window design model props contest opened the Italian designer Mr. Fabio often said, as he served the window design model props, usually all only light bulbs focus on a light People impressed by the model props, so that it elegantly bathed in a light, the same is a color.