A high-end fashion, loosely hanging in the ordinary hangers, you may pass will not see more than two, but if you use the props to wear it, to catch the appropriate accessories, and then hit the spotlight spotlight, clothes Of the unique style and fine work suddenly appear exhaustive, virtually stimulating the guests to buy desire, and eventually contributed to more orders.

What kind of props models most likely to stimulate the guests to buy desire? This is all clothing brands began to gradually concerned about the problem. Because more international brands settled, Hangzhou shopping malls in the props models are quietly changing, the model began the more “long” higher, the industry revealed that the female model, for example, height 178cm, the proportion of deviation from ordinary people props Models are most popular with brands, because the clothes in the “they” who sell the fastest. But also the brand began to own companies exclusive custom “copyright model”, props companies can not sell the same model to other brands, because they need to maintain this unique and fresh.

Props models from the “eight head” into “nine head”

Although most of the clothes in the mall are sold to ordinary body rather than the size of the guests, but this can not stop the props model year after year “long” high phenomenon, which is a big reason because more and more international brands Settled in Europe and the United States brand favorite with a large props models, those models to wear clothes to particularly tall and straight, but also very seductive, virtually led the clothing company model “transformation.”

In general, the average proportion of people in East Asia is about 6.75, Europe and the United States is about 7.15 or so, “eight head” has been regarded as a very golden ratio, and before the mall models are generally used “eight head” model , But from the beginning of last year, the longer the model the higher the head and the proportion of the body is also growing more and more, “nine head” model more and more popular.

“Such as Moschino brand, because the model is too high, if not large clothes simply do not wear.” Hangzhou mansion women’s clothing store official said. Although this “nine head” model body proportion of distortion, a bit like the Japanese comic book image, but from the visual effect is very conquering, so that clothing display better.

Shopping malls of the props model grows into “a nine head”

Height 178cm, measurements of the proportion of abnormal “model” to sell the fastest clothes

“Europe and the United States brand like this abstract model, facial lines are more vague, different body posture.” Shenzhen Mai Xi Dayton clothing props Co., Ltd. Marry said that the first two years received orders are mostly female model height in 168-170cm, Male model height in 178-180cm, and now many brands like to use the height of about 178cm in the female model, male model height is 183-185cm. On the one hand because the latter part of the body more beautiful, leg lines look more slender, and on the other hand is because the current size of many clothes began to increase, elongated, so the requirements of the model body also changes accordingly.

Marry said that many personality brands like very thin props female model, because “they sell clothes the fastest.” Take the female model as an example, in addition to the height of the lengthened, the stature is also undergoing great changes in the chest, hip design have become more thin, “Although these models scattered around the proportion of ordinary people, very standard, But the brand is like. “Marry said that many girls, individual women’s brand will choose the proportion of these measurements” abnormal “model, because the aesthetic of young people is the case.

More brands to spend heavily exclusive custom “copyright model”

And before the monotony of different models, and now more companies like their own custom models, but also “copyright”. “Spend a little mold fee, to the clothing props company custom models, so do not use your model.” Hangzhou Building, seven of the responsible person said that more and more companies began to build their own models, despite spending a lot, But for the sake of uniqueness and freshness, and to the guests left a deep impression.

As early as two years, Hangzhou Building Women’s Shopping Center V3 just started with bright green, bright yellow models, Hangzhou has no brand with this color model, many guests feel “very cool”, “very personality”, now model Color is also a lot of bold, silver, black, brown are more common colors.

However, want to “copyright model” have to invest more money, according to several models of the Shenzhen hanger company revealed that the current market price of ordinary models in the thousand or so, which is more commonly used on the market, as well as imported materials Model, worth in the 1800-2500 yuan, like the Basic House and so on with the price of the model, Anna Sui, H & M, etc. is spent “open mold fee”, a series of custom models, ZARA model is shipped from Italy The There are 4,000-5000 yuan in the original model, but most of the international brands to purchase, the number is relatively small

Industry does not declare secret – with your “model” to dress price doubled

If you count a props model 2,000 yuan, a store with 4-5 models, it is necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars, if you want to open a few stores, costly, and the average life expectancy model, but also 1-2 years. But why so many companies are willing to buy high-priced models?

With high prices to make clothing prices doubled, has become the secret of the industry, which is why many companies are willing to spend 1 times or even twice the price to buy the real reason for the model.

More and more brands began to agree with such a reason: even if it is very cheap clothes, wearing a worthy props models who, with the appropriate jewelry, and then hit the spotlight, the clothes seem high-end more. Do not look at H & M clothes is very cheap, but a two hundred or three hundred dollars, but wearing a model worth 2000 yuan, immediately let a group of guests had a desire to buy, so no wonder many guests will sigh afterwards: “is watching The model is good to wear.

Model feng shui turn the next wave of wave is unknown

Although the abstract nine models are very popular now, but the industry analysis, perhaps another two years, the guests have a sense of fatigue, maybe again will return to the concrete model, go to like the proportion of normal, wearing a wig, make-up Of the model, Chanel this year’s counter model has made this tendency to reveal their origins. Two days ago, the British media also reported that there are family department stores intend to display and real women fit the props models, closer and the distance between the guests.