Qianwan mannequin display propz in garment industry has 10 years of history, and the production of discriminant mannequin prop has accumulated a lot of experience. Today small and large family to share in the procurement mannequin prop should pay attention to what the details.

When purchasing model props can not just look at the price of many customers think the price is model props of course, the price is important, but the price is always the last to talk. As the saying goes, “fleece”, when you want to use the low price to change the order quality model props as can be imagined, it is self-evident. Compared to the price, should be more important is how the quality model props.

Pay attention to clothing model prop details when buying model items, there are many details need to pay attention to for example: model props chassis material, for example mannequins paint quality, as well as links at the agreement and so on. These details can not be ignored, are noteworthy. The details ready. In order to decide whether a model props is fine. Fine, mannequin body is without any defect.

Purchasing mannequin items need to pay attention to details