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The public can choose to watch fashion show single

2016 Wuhan Fashion Week will be held in November, in the middle of the Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the theme of “innovation lead, fashion lighting city.”

According to reports, this fashion week a total of 40 professional fashion catwalk […]

Showcase of the window model-Qianwan mannequin

“There is a shadow in the world, and the light is brighter.” – Charles Dickens

When the status of technology in life more and more important, which makes clothing vendors who thought, how to use technology to allow consumers to pay. […]

Introduction to the basic materials of clothing model props

FRP products are divided into two main raw materials: unsaturated resin, fiber (felt)

High-density foam products are mainly divided into two kinds of raw materials: PU foam white material, PU foam black material. Texture is divided into: hardware foam and software […]

Guangzhou fahion week from 6th,April

Recently, 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Fashion Week together with Tak Tak Land Plaza and LIBER MONSTER set up the original Chinese fashion brand alliance club, and through the LIBER sixth Chinese fashion design teacher and student works contest finals strong […]

The design method of window in window display

Show model props we often see in daily life. But the window model in the window design techniques are varied, according to the window size of the different, we can window models for different combinations and ideas. Small window is […]

The correct use of men with clothing models props

Men’s clothing than women’s clothing variety of patterns, many brands of men’s clothing in the model props with the choice and use are not carefully selected and with. In fact, the same style of clothes in the use of different […]

How to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers

The development of the apparel industry, led the rapid development of the props model props industry. In recent years, many domestic brands go out of the country, more and more clothing design new army in the control of clothing brands, […]

Large code fashion occupy the UK market window

London Fashion Week is gorgeous, this year’s fashion week, full of healthy models become a major highlight of the T-stage. British department store industry move the wind, the window is no longer placed only those models can wear fashion.

Due to […]

How to play the effect of clothing display props

Clothing stores want to show the best clothes to show to consumers to see, and thus with the clothing model props to display furnishings. Clothing model props are divided into women’s models props and men’s models props and children’s clothing […]

How to dress up a dress window

Dress up a window, in addition to clothing style, the auxiliary auxiliary props is an indispensable element. Some of the props reflect the brand’s culture and characteristics, while others reflect the brand’s main style and theme, so that the use […]

Clothing model props production and maintenance

Clothing model props in our daily life often see, it has penetrated into every corner of our lives: clothing stores, wedding shops, shopping malls, etc., can be seen everywhere clothing model props shadow. So, a beautiful shape of the model […]

Welcome to C-star Retail Fair in Shanghai

The third edition of C-star – Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 26 to 28, 2017. In order to boost the cooperative development between […]

Clothing model props in the clothing store in the importance

We often see in the business of fire clothing stores have some clothing models props wearing fashion clothes in the hanging plate, so that guests will be through the window model props on the plate to see where the characteristics […]

Clothing display model style

We all know that clothing display props as one of the most effective way to display clothing, has an irreplaceable role. Since the last century seventies and eighties, clothing model props like the same spring, just a few years spread […]

The arrangement of the window props

In the window design, the window in a variety of forms, window design and model props are also placed in different. How to better design window, better with the clothing model props placed, Qianwan model with some experience, for everyone to […]

Qianwan mannequin,clothing model props custom experts

Clothing model props customized to become a trend

Model props industry rapid development, which is the development of clothing is inseparable, in particular, some emerging clothing brand is no longer popular models of props products for clothing display, procurement model in […]

How to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers

“Model” with the industry that is the clothing model props, is used to show clothing appliances, such as: artificial models, exhibition racks, hangers and so on. Usually used for clothing stores, or exhibition hall, to achieve the role of simulation, […]

Shopping malls of the props model grows into “a nine head”

A high-end fashion, loosely hanging in the ordinary hangers, you may pass will not see more than two, but if you use the props to wear it, to catch the appropriate accessories, and then hit the spotlight spotlight, clothes Of […]

Why do you want to buy display models

A high-end clothing, loosely hanging in the ordinary hanger, you may pass will not see more than two eyes, but if you use clothing show models to wear it, coupled with the appropriate accessories, and then hit the spot with […]

Three criteria to help boutique women’s store display

Shop display is related to the corporate image design, attracting a large number of passenger problems. Recently held in the “Apparel Fashion Forum”, the person concerned made this elaboration. Experts point out that the store display to attract people’s attention, […]

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