Fashion display mannequin is useful for a clothing store. About customizing a mannequin is very important to small shops, accessory stores. Sometimes the decorators couldn’t need to buy a full body mannequin product, when they just only display the hat or accessories. At this time, mannequin heads can be a created using to making the arts and crafts mannequin head. So how about making a mannequin head? You can follow the steps to find the mannequin head making process.

Now, the first step to make a mannequin head is blowing up a balloon so that it is approximately figure, or a little smaller than you want your mannequin head to be. The second step is to add a tin of sand, and use making tape to affix your balloon inside the Can to all sides. Smooth down the masking tape wherever there are bumps. The can will serve as a neck to your mannequin head. The third step is to make the paper Mache paste, and mix 1 part water with 1 part flour. The forth step is to Tear newspapers into 2 by 6 inch (5 by 15 cm) strips. The fifth step is to work outside or on a drop cloth, and begin making your mannequin head. The sixth step is to dipping a newspaper strip into the thick flour and water mixture. Because you can smooth it onto your balloon, and work with 1 strip at a time, cover the entire head and can. The seventh step is to allow the can and balloon to dry completely. The eight step is to cover with a second layer of newspaper strips dipped in the flour and water mixture.

So many steps is followed, while making a mannequin head to make more steps, such as you must allow to dry and repeat 2 more times. You should have done 4 paper Mache coats on your mannequin head. Allow them to dry completely. And then, you should wad larger pieces of newspaper to form the nose, ears and any other features you would like. Affix them with masking tape. Continue to pinch the newspapers into the shape you want. After this you also should smooth the masking tape very well. Use a wooden spoon to press down gently and thoroughly on all tape edges. From the above steps, you should dip larger squares of newspaper in the flour and water mixture and smooth 1 layer over the features. Allow to dry. Then, you can cover your mannequin head. Finally, let dry and use your mannequin head to display accessories. Through all of these steps to make a mannequin head is very interesting and also you will satisfied a truly handcrafts mannequin head products.

This is a magic mannequin head not only shows the fashion of clothes, but also shows the arts and wisdom. If you want to know more about the making methods of this mannequin head, or you want to purchase this high quality mannequin head or mannequin products, you can contact us through the website. we can supply you the satisfying mannequin.