London Fashion Week is gorgeous, this year’s fashion week, full of healthy models become a major highlight of the T-stage. British department store industry move the wind, the window is no longer placed only those models can wear fashion.

Due to excess nutrients and other reasons, now, 42% of British women wear the size of 14 to 16 clothing. However, fashion design companies in the show fashion, but choose thin models, so that they put on 8 to 10 clothing to display, to highlight the fashion personality. In the financial crisis hit the British fashion industry, the fashion design company to take a rational attitude, launched in line with ordinary people fashion, which in the British fashion industry has become a consensus: fashion designer Bora Aksu: “return to reality” In the past few quarters of the fashion show has been shown out. You look at the fashion model now looks more healthy and happy. These are obvious.

Now, large size of the clothing is also welcomed by the department store industry. The large department store, Oxford Street in London, abandoned the 10 or 8 model hangers and pushed the No. 16 model hanger on the 20th of this month. This body model and the real female body in line. Some fashion designers are also ready to sign a fashion show agreement with De Ben South Department Store, in the window display medium and large clothing. Fashion designers believe that this “return to reality” marketing idea, not only will stimulate the sales of clothing, but also to most of the British women into the fashion shop, not because of their own slim and feel uncomfortable. Fashion designer Sarah Tavos: British women’s standard size is 14 to 16. It is important for women to pick up the right clothes when they are approached from the street. Rather than letting women dress up against fashion is not good.

Large code fashion occupy the UK market window

Although the British Fashion Association has not yet developed a new fashion size standards, but the fashion companies have to act to meet the needs of the people. Now the German version of the women to provide the largest size to No. 26, only 14 and 16 clothing sales accounted for 42%. The company official said that if the large clothes by customers like, they guarantee will use more models 16 racks.

London Fashion Week called fashion event, every year to attract many world famous fashion designer. This year, known as the fashion industry “punk mother” British designer Vivienne Westwood, also carry their own works debut.

The British designer’s deputy line brand Vivienne Westwood’s red card, released in London Fashion Week, the latest 2010 autumn and winter women’s series. Unlike in the past, the theme of this fall and winter series is “concerned about global warming.” Designers want people to love the earth and protect the environment. Opening and field models were wearing a T-shirt printed on the “protection of the environment” initiative. The entire clothing line is still a continuation of the designer signs of the mix and match, choose the personality cut techniques and stripes, checkered fabric. Shiny leather material in the second half began to appear, from the dress to the knee high boots, bright colors are very modern fashion.