Product Description

White mannequins for sale-group12

White mannequins for sale-group12
SKU ZY-124/ZY-206B/ZYX-101
Size ZY-124:189*52*90.5*73.5*95.5 cm

ZY-206B:185*39*81*63*88 cm

ZYX-101: 113*28*58*54*60cm

Material Fiberglass
Color Matt white
MOQ 10Pcs
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 100-120Usd


White mannequins for sale-group12, Qianwan design for you,welcome to custom. Households want to purchase the most value of the clothing model props products, it is very simple. You only need to find through the network, there will be a lot of clothing model props manufacturers, then you should focus on the professional, the most qualified model props manufacturers who – Guangzhou Qianwan brand props. Qianwan model props to carry out network marketing, you can provide you with affordable clothing model props products, so you can buy homes that wish good products.Exquisite details: model face fine workmanship, every detail is vivid, vividly depict the form of the task. Models using high-quality glass steel material, fine workmanship, materials used to ensure that the model durable, color can be customized. Model shoulder removable, allowing customers to show more posture clothing, more prominent characteristics of clothing, action more convenient. Apron mother: the proportion of international body, feet upright, his hands naturally under the kitchen love, simple style more noble. Muscle Dad: Simulate the body proportion, abstract human skeletal features, buttocks to install the interface instructions, there are gaps in the place are removable interface. Good move children: dumb white paint, can highlight the taste of the color, high-end luxury.Practical stainless steel base supplied and customized head provide, any color is available and minimum order quantity 10 PCS accepted, the other good reason to choose purchase this high quality mannequin is the OEM custom is admission and the sample provide. In addition, the standard paper carton packing as your request, the convenient shipping and the advantage FOB is available, more pay ways are useful. The price of this mannequin supplied will be surprised for you. You can rest assured to purchase.