Product Description

Sitting Boy Fiberglass Mannequin

Sitting Boy Fiberglass Mannequin

Size Height: 98CM

Shoulder: 27CM

Bust: 58CM

Waistline: 51CM

Hipline: 58CM

Material Fiberglass
Color Skin
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 50-70USD



    Sitting boy fiberglass mannequin. This boy mannequin is made of high quality fiberglass. He consists of several components and sits on a round stool. His appearance has been treated more than 2 times’ polish and filter, so it seems to be extra glossy, smooth and charming. Skin color is very comfortable, natural and popular. He possesses one little make-up, handsome and novel face, which can help you display your clothes better. What’s more, some people may dislike this head, but don’t worry and we can change other head for you. He sits in a round stool naturally, puts his two hands before his waist and looks forward. All of above show a very handsome and charming cool guy. If you want to buy a sitting boy mannequin to display clothes in your shop, then don’t forget about him. The display effect is that you have never thought.