Product Description

Sexy mannequin female QWG-11

Sexy mannequin female QWG-11
Size 165*39*82*63*94cm
Material fiberglass
Color muddy colour
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 88-100USD


Sexy mannequin female QWG-11,Qianwan design for you,wlcome to custom. When you first see this model, I completely fell in love. In the eyes of others, perhaps just a very simple way, but as long as you look, you will find the embodiment of our craftsmen are good. Each mannequin number and related personnel standardization integration pipeline manufacturing process, working slowly and deliberately quality, product quality inspection strictly checks, seamless joints. The quality of our products has always been the thing that we do. Qianwan mannequin hardware accessories timeless, never rust. Patent and technology improved the mannequins parts to clothing model design and installation form more reasonable and smooth. Silicone mold to ensure accuracy; sticker baffle to increase the wear of the mold.Abstract egg head and full body size design it is, the size of mannequin is 165*39*82*63*94cm, it is suitable for displaying wedding dresses or clothes. Elegant pose and fashion style, eye for details and focus on quality it is. Practical stainless steel base supplied and customized head provide, any color is available and minimum order quantity 10 PCS accepted, the other good reason to choose purchase this high quality mannequin is the OEM custom is admission and the sample provide. In addition, the standard paper carton packing as your request, the convenient shipping and the advantage FOB is available, more pay ways are useful. The price of this mannequin supplied will be surprised for you. You can rest assured to purchase.