Product Description

Multipurpose hanger QWAB25

Multipurpose hanger QWAB25
Size 40*5*30cm
Material Lotus wood
Color Black
MOQ 1000Pcs
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 0.8-2.8USD


Multipurpose hanger QWAB25,welcome to custom,Qianwan design for you. Please look at the brilliantly attracting Wooden craft hanger QWAB01 in front of you. This is the latest product of Qianwan. Maybe in the beginning, you will feel it looks very ordinary, but as long as you take the time to understand, you will slowly fall in love with it. In order to get customers, each hanger all spent our craftsmen work. Light a hanger, you need to go through thirteen procedures. Not to mention the type selection wood. Therefore, and our business talking about order process, do not think that our products are expensive, it is not only the products, but also is our sincerity and service. Of course, it’s not persuasive to just judge it from the outside. There’s no need to mention the ordinary functions as a wooden hanger, so let me show you the unique and significant functions belonging to it. First,it has the Pearl nickel round hook,can be replaceable, easy to use. Second, Through spray evenly on the surface of the bead, after beads dry later to series on the metal hanger,to prevent the Oxygen and extend the time of use.At last, ABS new material,environmental and helath,it is reassuring to use .So if you are considering to buy some new wooden hanger and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.