Product Description

Male mannequin with penis-group 16

Male mannequin with penis-group 16
Size YZM-05MB:190*52*96*80*98 cm


YZM-02M: 190*52*95*78*96cm


Material Fiberglass
Color White
MOQ 10Pcs
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 140-160Usd


Male mannequin with penis-group 16, Qianwan design for you,welcome to custom. Let me briefly introduce the production process of FRP model props:First,Rough forming:Do a good job after the mold, assembled, waiting for a period of time, rough to shape.After forming the blank, you need to use special tools to polish. The outside of a layer of dark part of the polished off. It may be very simple to say, but the grinding for the FRP model production, is essential, deliberately that the most important step! Workers need to use different thickness of the sandpaper polished various parts, spray primer, vibrator, fill the lime, see the trachoma, every step should be done carefully, because any of the missing omission will cause the model after painting, such as hanging paint, Phenomenon, so polished this step requires workers to be more careful and serious.Second,paint color: High-quality FRP models need to paint four. Including three primers, two finishesThen,Makeup:The vast majority of fiberglass models on the market are abstract, stylish and beautiful. But also part of the FRP simulation model needs makeup. General this step is operated by professionals, including lipstick, blush, with the United States pupil, false eyelashes. Real needs the makeup steps, simulation pseudo-mold is almost the same.

At last,quality inspection:After the above steps, not the end. Need workers to do the final quality inspection to ensure that every factory model is not only intact, and refined and perfect. As I said before, each model is a handicraft, handicrafts are not allowed to flaws.And Packing:Due to the particularity of the clothing model, in the process of express or take the logistics in order to prevent the staff due to improper operation caused by FRP model fragmentation, the general FRP model in the packaging need to use high collision bubble bags and advanced Zhenzhu Mian, And also in the interior covered with a layer of anti-collision pad, and finally thickened with a thick cardboard box packaging, with toughness rattan package to prevent Kaifeng be considered complete. Practical stainless steel base supplied and customized head provide, any color is available and minimum order quantity 10 PCS accepted, the other good reason to choose purchase this high quality mannequin is the OEM custom is admission and the sample provide. In addition, the standard paper carton packing as your request, the convenient shipping and the advantage FOB is available, more pay ways are useful. The price of this mannequin supplied will be surprised for you. You can rest assured to purchase.