Product Description

Male manenquin plus size HC-132

Male mannequin plus size

SKU HC-132
Size 190*50*96*71*98cm
Material Fiberglass
Color White color
Usage For Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 93-100USD


This male mannequin is made up of immortal Fiberglass Reinforced plastic (FRP), used matte finishing process to form smooth surface and fashionable style. It is consist of glossy finishing, chromed finishing and so on. The charming white color is fashionable and available. The European standard size is 190*50*96*71*98 cm, the size of mannequin is suitable for displaying clothes, suits and pants. The elegant pose style and high-end quality, show the good effect for displaying clothes, also more other popular poses for reference we are supplied. There are more fashion window display male or female mannequin wholesale, the OEM custom is convenient and the sample is provided. If you have the mannequin demand, you can choose this kind of plus size male mannequin in your store.