Product Description

Head mannequin for hat display A-5




Head mannequin for hat display A-5
Height 30.5cm
Head circumference 58cm
Material Fiberglass
Qty.per carton 4
Package size 44*32*32cm
Usage Hat/scarf/hair/sunglass  dispaly
OEM Custom Accept
Sample  Provide Yes
Price 14-20USD


Welcome to custom,Qianwan design for you. Please look at the brilliantly attracting Head mannequin for hat display A-5 in front of you. This is the latest product of Qianwan. I’m sure that Each product are carefully built, the new production.It Using high-grade glass fiber reinforced plastic fiber+ Hand-polished, Plus three primer and two finish, to ensure that models clean and silky, shiny eye-catching, not easy to fade. Qianwan produced, will be fined. Based on the perfect head ergonomic, fashion wild, Is the art and commercial space sucking sharp weapon. Seiko secret agents, harsh pursuit, each are glowing strong visual impact.Second, Focus on the ultimate perfection of every detail, pure hand-polished, polished time spent more than 1 hour each product, slow work fine live fine. Finished strict quality checks, the joints seamlessly.At last, 5-layer cardboard boxes+ pearl cotton packing, To ensure that the transport process is not damaged. So if you are considering to buy some new Head mannequin for hat display and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.