Product Description

 Full size mannequin QW-Group5

Full size mannequin QW-Group5
SKU QW-Group5
Size Europe Size
Material Fiberglass
Color Beige color
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 100-120USD


1.FRP Model Description:

Material: All glass steel material.

Size: sub-male model, female model, child mold, body, bust, sit mode, light mode and other specifications,

Features: easy assembly, fashionable,

Color: color / white / black / yellow / red / silver / gold / smoke makeup (optional)

Base: stainless steel square seat, stainless steel round seat, wooden base, plexiglass seat + oblique intubation

Quality: durability of more than 5 years, do not burst, not Stripping, waterproof, sunscreen

Fine workmanship, polished smooth, durable, can be customized according to customer requirements, personalized fashion, three-dimensional sense of strong, good display of the overall effect of clothing, clothing reflects the details of your clothing extra points.

Qianwan clothing factory model, proofing, fast delivery, goods on time, is the first choice for clothing display.

Thank you for your attention to our products, if you want to get further information, such as clothing model prices, clothing model models and other models more information, please feel free to contact us, invites you to provide the most satisfactory service!


  1. This model for the FRP model

The main difference between glass and steel models at a few points, with the materials are resin + glass fiber, good resin and fiber construction requirements, but less deformation deformation, to do with the original model is basically the same, but the material solidification time is long, Reduce, almost the resin fast construction, doing fast in exchange for the deformation, the surface will be formed uneven, and even the whole model like extrusion, in addition to material problems, surface treatment good and bad, polished with paint is essential , And then is supporting the base and packaging, materials with poor may have dozens or even hundreds of dollars difference. Qianwanmannequin plant on the glass steel model very deep knowledge,

The company’s products with light weight, high strength, non-brittle, no deformation, and many other advantages. Product style new, all varieties, about 50 series on more than 100 models. Including adult male and female suite model series, sports series, children’s series, abstract series. Male and female models are divided into hair, bald, flat neck, standing, sitting, cloth Taiwan, Taiwan, pants, etc.

All production lines with the company operating mode, the surface of the product strictly, the quality of technical requirements of excellence, and strive to make their products realistic and perfect. For the surface paint color, including white, African black, rose red and body color four series of dozens of varieties. Can also be customized according to customer’s paint color requirements! All packaging for environmental protection packaging. ) Of the company’s products to the Ministry of the use of plastic and chrome pieces with the perfect match, the design of the spare parts reasonable, beautiful and practical. Hanger model of the station board with solid color tempered glass, stainless steel chassis, with beautiful, elegant style, the human body and the board connection with new adhesive technology with high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion and many other advantages. Multi-dimensional attitude model, not the same to your clothing wonderful.