Product Description

Female posing mannequin ZY-201

Female posing mannequin ZY-201

SKU ZY-201
Size 181*40*78*60*85cm
Material Fiberglass
Color Matte black color
Usage For Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 123-133USD


We have been advocating a simple real healthy and happy life, simply alive, enjoying the afternoon sunshine, even the breathing is so simple soothing, like this new line of Female posing mannequin ZY-201, there is heavy and complicated design, no flowery colors, simple, comfortable fit. To the pursuit of the perfect details, input quality excellence of craftsmanship, which is dry million display props tries their best to build each season product of design art and fashion show early heart fresh, each with a single product of authentic power. Because we know that only so as to explain and express our clothing display props of understanding. Since the advent of 2010, it will be positioning themselves for the fashion show art of active practitioners, uphold yourself fashion show props design philosophy and visual aesthetic understanding, pursuit of fashion show the texture of the props, the details of the essence and people and clothing items between an internal exchanges. We have been dreaming of our model props to the world’s largest stage, for more clothing industry services, to join hands to lead a new fashion. This model in the picture is our 2016 main push of the new. About Clothing model prop production process mainly comprises a sampling of billet – mold – at the beginning of the billet, repair billet, primer spraying, seized goods, spray paint, packaging, warehousing. It mainly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and PU glue/2504 Taiwan glue/made of glass cotton clothe. This model height: 181/Shoulder: 40/Bust: 78/waist: 60 /hips: 85.The price between 123usd to 133usd.Of course,we can privide OEM service and sample service. If you like it, just come.