Product Description

Fat mannequin(QW-big male mannequin)

Fat mannequin (QW-big male mannequin)

SKU QW-big male mannequin
Size 211*75*148*140*150cm
Material Fiberglass
Color Skin color
Usage For Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 280-350USD


Yes, you see this male model is our company’s new style-fat mannequin. The launch of this product from our company’s philosophy: as long as the product for the customer, we can do it and achieve customer satisfaction. Rise of the apparel industry, also increased customer demands for costumes for more and more diverse. According to the survey, fat people often can’t buy clothes and styles they want, not to mention retailers purchase large model props. But as a business, have you ever thought, if your clothes, even the big fat models are good to wear, then the customer would prefer? This model is made according to European standards, of course, we provide a complete show, specializing in the research and development capability and manufacturing capability, providing bespoke requirements. Tailor-make exclusive clothing model and all kinds of exclusive items display. Forms and a wide variety of products, if website without your agreement, you can contact our sales manager, we will provide a full range of brochures and presentations. Our company nearly a decade of experience in the modeling industry, always adhere to the customers as the Center, we have been insisting on providing customers with quality service, will not easily. This product minimum 3 orders, Let me introduce this product: product type: imported material, custom, the large quantity of Cong, calls the bargaining or direct Internet link; Material: FRP fiber, and Taiwan paint, and PU rubber, and 2504 Taiwan glue; Prices: between at $ 280-350;Size: height: 211cm/shoulder wide: 75cm/bust: 148cm/waist: 140cm/hip surrounding: 150cm; Quality: durable degree 5 years above, not burst, and not off paint, and waterproof, and anti-Sun, resistance scraping wear, paint no odor nontoxic, security environmental ;Color: colour \ white \ black \ yellow \ red \ silver \ gold (can optional) packaging: square carton outside packaging within has steam bubble bags broken sea cotton/Pearl Cotton/vacuum bags ; Base: stainless steel/stainless steel/wood base/PMMA helical tube z direct intubation; on the shipping method and time/method of payment and our communication on the sales line. Echocardiography as action, come to contact us!