Product Description

Dress form mannequin for sale QW-HY-W-001

Dress form mannequin for sale QW-HY-W-001
Size 85*61*83*38*74cm
Material Cloth &fiberglass
Color cream-coloured
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 54-64USD


Dress form mannequin for sale QW-HY-W-001, Qianwan design for you,welcome to custom. Let me briefly introduce the advantages of this model.First,crown cap: smooth paint, beautiful shape, durable, for your clothing to create an unusual color. Second,rugged body: the body of the model can bear the weight of an adult, in order to ensure the quality of the cost, practice quality is the survival of the country!At last ,it can be lifted design: the base with two adjustable design can be highly adjustable height, the maximum adjustable to 190, at present, other similar products can only be adjusted to 175. Base strong and reliable: base material for the solid wood, durable. Easy installation: Simple, easy to install.Practical stainless steel base supplied and customized head provide, any color is available and minimum order quantity 10 PCS accepted, the other good reason to choose purchase this high quality mannequin is the OEM custom is admission and the sample provide. In addition, the standard paper carton packing as your request, the convenient shipping and the advantage FOB is available, more pay ways are useful. The price of this mannequin supplied will be surprised for you. You can rest assured to purchase.