Product Description

Clothes mannequin ZY-HC152+90

Clothes mannequin ZY-HC152+90
SKU ZY-HC152+90
Size 190*46*88*74*94cm
Material fiberglass
Color Matte black color
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 127-137USD


here is nothing you cannot do but something you cannot imagine. Welcome to custom,Qianwan design for you. Please look at the brilliantly attracting Clothes mannequin ZY-HC152+90 front of you. Exquisite head type, and body one molding. Fiberglass arm, the use of iron hook-type installation, easy to use, arm and hand interface using a screw fixed method. Model upper body and lower body convergence easy installation, insert the rotation can be stuck to the buckle, solid performance. It mainly uses the new imported environmental protection materials, non-toxic harmless, recycling, very consistent with the theme of the development of the times. 30 years of mold production process, model structure delicate, gold ratio, the perfect version of the standard cut, restore the body’s natural body to enhance the modeling technology. Our craftsmen focused on the ultimate perfection of every detail, pure handmade three times polish, repair, combined with Italy and Japan production process and quality, segmentation, triage. Each mannequin number and related personnel standardization integration pipeline manufacturing process, working slowly and deliberately quality, product quality inspection strictly checks, seamless joints. The quality of our products has always been the thing that we do. Qianwan mannequin hardware accessories timeless, never rust. So if you are considering to buy some new Head mannequin for hat display and wondering which one to choose, I think this kind is an excellent choice.