Product Description

Cheap female mannequins for sale ZY-214

Cheap female mannequins for sale ZY-214
SKU ZY-214
Size 173*46*88*62*88cm
Material fiberglass
Color Magic color
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 130-150USD


There is nothing you cannot do but something you cannot imagine. Welcome to custom,Qianwan design for you. Please look at the brilliantly attracting China Cheap female mannequins for sale ZY-214 in front of you. The company’s products mainly by the glass fiber cloth and unsaturated resin 191 from processing, with light weight, high strength, non-friable, no deformation, and many other advantages.New style mannequin, all varieties, about 50 series on more than 100 models. Including adult male and female model series, sports series, children series, abstract series.Male and female models are divided into hair, bald, flat neck, standing, sitting, cloth Taiwan, Taiwan, pants and so on.All production lines with the company operating mode, the surface of the product strictly, the quality of technical requirements of excellence, and strive to make their products realistic and perfect. For the surface paint color, including white, African black, rose red and body color four series of dozens of varieties. Can also be customized according to customer’s paint color requirements! All packaging for environmental protection packaging.The company’s products to the Ministry of the use of plastic and chrome pieces with the perfect match, the design of the spare parts reasonable, beautiful and practical. The platform of the hanger model adopts the solid color tempered glass and the stainless steel chassis. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance and elegant style. The connection between the human body and the station board adopts the new adhesive technology, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion.

The company mainly produces model props, handicrafts, male body hardware models, male bodily hardware models, female body hardware models, female bodily hardware models, children’s hardware models, children’s software models, men and women sitting models and Glass, steel products, such as dozens of varieties, unique product design, exceptional creativity, superior quality, low prices by domestic and foreign customers praise, the products sell well in the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Countries and regions.All along, the pioneering and innovative, people-oriented company’s business objectives. We regard the customer as a friend, market-oriented, business integrity of the business philosophy, always pay attention to communicate with customers, which makes the company has a large number of home and abroad and friends. I Bingzhe company good quality, good reputation, good service to the principle of new and old customers to create higher interest. The company believes in “customer is the day, the quality is, and people-oriented” business philosophy, so that every new and old customers are from the Company to the greatest degree of satisfaction, in order to establish a sincere and cooperative relations.Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. We will, as always, with their own efforts and sincere welcome to all customers.