Product Description

Big bust female mannequin E02

Big bust female mannequin E02
Size 166*54*110*84*111cm
Material fiberglass
Color White
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 105-135USD


Big bust female mannequin E02, Qianwan design for you,welcome to custom.Clothing shop window of the ever-changing, always on the high street’s most exciting embellishment. Whether it be in a crowd of people during the day, or night psychedelic light, the magic of the dummies in the shop window, elements of fashion and charming colors, always brings a strong sense of perspective may be the first to give passers-by shock. Let me recommend to you our company’s best selling product- Big bust female mannequin E02. This product’s selling point is her subtle but no less makeup, graceful moves and a full figure. I speak for Big bust female mannequin E02, and i believe that it must be able to demonstrate to the life, bring more wonders to clothing stores. Our company nearly a decade of experience in the modeling industry, always adhere to the customers as the Center, we have been insisting on providing customers with quality service, will not easily. Our each product is carefully secret agents, not despair. This product major adoption of high-grade glass fiber resin: evenly thickened glass fiber matting in the abrasive, with resin bonding reaction model strong body harder, live longer. Each model must be more than 2.5 hours after multiple manual grinding, surface smooth, pass quality inspection can only be painted to avoid bubbling at the bottom. 2 plus 3 Primer topcoat to ensure smooth model surface clean, shiny texture, not easily fade. Its dimensions: height: 166cm/ shoulders: 54cm/bust: 110cm/waist: 84cm/hip: 111cm.Metal chassis, durable to be easily damaged; There are shoe designs, inclined inserted staves can be inserted Shanks, feet off the ground and wear shoes. Prices between at $ 105-135. MOQ: 10 Pcs. Of course, we also accept sample order. In addition, our payment, shipping time and shipping/delivery methods can be provided according to your needs. About packing, we generally use double square carton packaging bubble wrap to ensure completely damaged during transport. You can rest assured purchase.