Product Description

Adjustable dressmaker mannequin QW-W52

Adjustable dressmaker mannequin QW-W52
Size 95*39*84*62*83.5cm
Material Cloth &fiberglass
Color creamy-white
Usage for Clothes
OEM Custom Accept
Sample Provide Yes
Price 78-98USD


Adjustable dressmaker mannequin QW-W52, Qianwan design for you,welcome to custom. Model with ABS double hole design, the left hole for wearing pants, the right hole for wearing a skirt, the customer can also adjust the height of the model according to their own requirements, the minimum 110cm up to about 180cm. Models made of fiberglass made of weight of about 1.6 kg with superior compression performance, adult stand up without pressure. Exquisite head, can be rotated 360 degrees, solid wood arm interface, the installation of clockwise rotation, refined looking linen, natural environmental protection. High-end custom fabrics, natural environmental protection, easy to wrinkle, exclusive process, beautiful and not deformed, straight and comfortable, feel good. The base can be customized, different styles, style, multi-election, bring you more style experience. Activities hand cover design, the perfect combination, the gap is very small, very strong. Parts can be disassembled, arm shoulder joint, elbow, wrist, finger parts are free to move, according to the different needs of customers put on different shapes, do not arm arm can also be removed when installing arm clockwise rotation arm。Practical stainless steel base supplied and customized head provide, any color is available and minimum order quantity 10 PCS accepted, the other good reason to choose purchase this high quality mannequin is the OEM custom is admission and the sample provide. In addition, the standard paper carton packing as your request, the convenient shipping and the advantage FOB is available, more pay ways are useful. The price of this mannequin supplied will be surprised for you. You can rest assured to purchase.