FRP products are divided into two main raw materials: unsaturated resin, fiber (felt)

High-density foam products are mainly divided into two kinds of raw materials: PU foam white material, PU foam black material. Texture is divided into: hardware foam and software foam.

Existing products are divided into: painting process, including cloth technology, stickers process. FRP products can do these three kinds of technology, and foam products can only do the package cloth process.

Subdivision material process:Glass just material: Features: high hardness, smooth surface after treatment, meticulous, shortcomings: to withstand the strength

Limited, fragile With the painting process to do out of high-grade products. With the sticker technology, cloth cloth technology to do out of the high-end, classic retro.

Foam material:Hardware material: the surface of the hand touch is the hardware, but can be inserted with a needle (similar to high-density foam)Product body is entity. Light weight, not fragile, are with the package cloth production process. The current product range is limited to: adult upper body products and children’s upper body products.Introduction to the basic materials of clothing model props

Soft material: the surface of the hand touch is the software, you can pin (similar to high density sponge), the product body entity, flexible, not broken! But also with the package cloth production process. Features: all hands and feet are free to bend, deformation, stereotypes. At present the existing product type is limited to: adult body products and children’s body products.

Painting process: that is, spray paint, three spray paint program: the first primer is used to cover the whole body through the paint, through the color contrast to the product on all the exposed holes, grinding staff can be better target To fill. The second primer, covering the traces of the sand hole. Finally the third finish is finished. Paint the process features: smooth and smooth surface, three-dimensional sense of strong, is the use of PU characteristics of paint hardness is high, easy to paint, not easy to dirty, with a towel to clean the stains. Color can be based on customer preferences.

Cloth cloth process: simply put on clothes in the product, and this clothes must be completely close, there are divided into elastic fabrics and non-elastic fabrics, elastic fabric basic colors are beige, beige, black ,flecking gray. Non-elastic fabrics are basically linen, canvas, denim, color can be with the customer preferences. Sticker technology: temporarily only in the glass fiber reinforced plastic products can be used, customs clearance glue so that products and paper seamlessly close, not yet developed an effective way to mass production, manual bonding speed is too slow. Existing product use is mainly displayed. In: supermarkets, clothing store show clothing, or in the window design display. Can not be used as a clothing cut design.