Dress up a window, in addition to clothing style, the auxiliary auxiliary props is an indispensable element. Some of the props reflect the brand’s culture and characteristics, while others reflect the brand’s main style and theme, so that the use of props directly determine the success or failure of the window, but also determines the window of the Variety modeling.

Window background POP to black and white group portrait to create a cheering scene, silhouette formed large “V” word a good interpretation of the brand logo.

The color of the model and the background of the integration, but the lack of vitality modeling, while there is no much between the clothing; foreground stack and the combination of shoes and hats to increase the window richness, but the color and form of too diverse but confuse the customer’s Line of sight.

In the window of the model dress, background posters, hanging frame and stacked suitcase fully embodies the brand has always adhere to the American western style, showing a random, natural and adventurous rough sense.

But the whole window color is too rich, the clothing did not get a better highlight, thus weakening the customer’s attention.

In the window of the model dress, deck platform, exaggerated anchor and mast cable fully embodies the product navigation style design theme, the level of the combination of the model to create a strong sense of hierarchy.

But the model dress is not strong sense of the series, such as props and model dress can be better unified, the overall effect will be better.

Window to represent its brand of display props (ancient lacquer, retro pretty body models and dolls) combination, fully embodies the brand characteristics.

But completely open windows and too average layout, weakened the overall visual effects.

How to dress up a dress window

Brand to waste paper through the superposition of a combination of the way covered with the entire window, hanging decorative bottles and trunks, giving a simple and comfortable, back to nature feel, so a good interpretation of the brand by the pursuit of the spirit of nature and freedom.

If the background of the treatment can grasp the Chinese calligraphy painting “sparse can run horse, airtight” principle, the overall visual effect will be better.

Window through the nostalgic color of the western United States as the background, the scene to join the cowboy fabric wrapped cactus, the combination of the actual situation highlights its brand this season’s product style.

The direction of the model to take into account the direction of the customer, if the relationship between the model can be pushed again, the overall effect will be even better.

Through the model and the back of the props before and after the combination, to produce a visual illusion; lavender flower basket placed, reflecting the girl angel dream side.

If the relationship between the atmosphere props a little stronger, the theme will be more prominent.

Window through the outdoor camping clothes in the form of the new brand display, the product bright fruit color is full of summer and girl atmosphere, this way is able to attract customers eye.

If the model can be well integrated into the camping scene, the whole picture will be more vivid.

Through the use of the atmosphere associated with rugby show props (trophies, team flags, wardrobe, rugby, timer and scoring card) to the interpretation of the brand culture, reflects the boy’s infinite vitality and vitality.

But if the whole window with Less is more (less that is more) to do the idea, then more prominent product style.

Through the military backpack, flashlight and some military equipment needed to outline a game of war scenes, the full interpretation of the brand concept.

If the combination of the number of models, modeling and space position and dress code considerations to pay attention to some of the whole window will make people refreshing.