“Model” with the industry that is the clothing model props, is used to show clothing appliances, such as: artificial models, exhibition racks, hangers and so on. Usually used for clothing stores, or exhibition hall, to achieve the role of simulation, so that clothes more intuitive show. So how can we find a guarantee of clothing props manufacturers? Here on Qianwan model props for everyone to introduce how to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers.

How to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers

  1. Company title and scope of operation: Do not be scared by the title of the unit, but look at the title is not see it is not the manufacturers, to pay attention to its scope of operation, which can determine the company is still commercial industry ( Its scope of operation there is no production, production, processing and other words).


  1. The address of the unit: address of the address, the address of the factory and the address is very different; the company’s address is usually written in a certain town of a certain number of industrial areas, office or the title of the shop will be written Han Han Building, what accommodation and so on.
  2. To see the duration of the business: usually business class operating period is a period of time, such as ten years (a real estate license or approval procedures may be good outside); industrial class is usually a long time, especially the documents complete industrial area Class factory.


    4 to see the company operating real map: look at all the units associated with the introduction, there is no illustrations of the factory, such as the production of images, semi-finished products, workshop and workers, factory capacity, etc., there is a little need to note that Know what is the real scene, which is the PS’s fake image; usually manufacturers, in order to prove that since the manufacturers, will be exhausted to explain to consumers from the factory, because it is marked identity And to prove the advantages of the practice.


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