The development of the apparel industry, led the rapid development of the props model props industry. In recent years, many domestic brands go out of the country, more and more clothing design new army in the control of clothing brands, they are in the pursuit of brand culture at the same time, pay more attention to the terminal display and window design. Therefore, the professional custom clothing model props has become the first choice for many clothing brand companies.

How to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers

The taste of the garment mold. Only professional custom clothing model props, in order to better demonstrate the characteristics of clothing, style, and clothing special items with a custom, to allow the terminal shop has its own characteristics. If the clothing and model props do not match, not only can not show the effect of clothing brand, but should reduce the brand should have a culture.

Guangzhou Qianwan model, is the largest garment model props manufacturers. Italy has the top professional clothing model props designers, the use of imported raw materials, the Italian process, each of a variety of clothing props, are fine. Qianwan model, is your clothing model props custom expert.