Guangzhou fahion week from 6th,April

Recently, 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Fashion Week together with Tak Tak Land Plaza and LIBER MONSTER set up the original Chinese fashion brand alliance club, and through the LIBER sixth Chinese fashion design teacher and student works contest finals strong launch of the original fashion industry excellent Strength, declared 2017 China (Guangzhou) International Fashion Week preparatory work in full swing. The international fashion week is unique in the first domestic show that is to buy a new model, buyers buyers in the show field to achieve on-site transactions, the formation of the sale that is sold the perfect closed-loop. In addition, it is breaking the practice of the release of the two seasons, with a trend of 4 times a year to lead the fashion trend of the new week.

Guangzhou fahion week from 6th,April2

At that time, Tak Tak Land Plaza will be released as home fashion week, for the first time to break the domestic fashion week 1 year 2 season release of the practice, held four times a year, about 9 days each week to maintain a large fashion week. At the same time, Tak Tak Land will also open up thousands of square meters of commercial space, so that the designer’s brand ShowRoom resident, become the norm of the new designer display range for buyers around the world to provide a new release – order – trading platform.