Funny wood mannequin

For a mannequin, it has become the part of fashion. Excellent mannequin can express the fashion soul and spirit. And the window display mannequins are the right now in the fashion industry and Qianwan mannequins has developed a more sophisticated answer to this classical for brands looking for an extra touch of refinement. As the grand festival of Christmas coming, something interesting window decoration will be the wonderful works in these fashion store. Especially the funny wood mannequin is not only cute and funny but also shows the humorous of the store.Funny wood mannequin

      About mannequin, how much you understand? Well, you will tell me the young mannequin, female or male mannequin, even the children mannequin. Now, I will introduce you a kind of funny wood mannequin. For a wood mannequin, it is most made of natural wood, sometimes combination with fabric and fiberglass. Why the wood mannequin is funny? The first reason is wooden mannequin is adjustable, the arms and legs have been given a high tech look with the combination of the reshaped wooden sections and sleek metal inserts. The second reason is the redesigned swivel and pivot joints are the secret to its performance. They can be loosed and tightened to hold position. The flexible arms or leg can make the funny pose and to show the special fashion clothes in window display. Due to the adjustable function, it can make creative pose design. If you want to have a Christmas display, you can choose the wood mannequin to decoration the window display. To make up the wood mannequin, wear the magic clothes and decorate a charming or funny pose, many curious and surprise sight will be absorbed by this funny wood mannequin. Because this mannequin is a magic mannequin, he can give us surprise and happy.

    On Christmas day, you may try this wood mannequin. It can bring you a wonderful display travel. We have supplied hundreds of mannequins. If you want to have wood mannequin, we can supply this kind of wood mannequin. You can also choose other more kinds of mannequin by our website. we are looking forward to your information.