When we go shopping will find each clothing store will use the model props to show their flagship clothing, show a variety of forms. That clothing props display which are several ways? Qianwan model props with everyone to understand the display of clothing props 6 ways.

(1)Often transform the law: clothing store business is fashion goods, each blowing a burst of popular fashion, the appearance of the boutiques should be a new look. If the goods are not much change, you can display, furnishings, decorating to do some changes, the same can make the shop for a new face, so as to attract customers to.

(2)Winding method: the ancients have “winding streets, Buddhist temple deep room,” the wonderful verses. Clothing store layout of the container should be conducive to customer walking, and continue to go, giving people a fascinating feeling. For deep-type shops, the channel may be designed to S-shaped, and inward extension. For square rectangular site of the shop, through the arrangement of the shelves, so that customers turn a few laps, and will not enter the store after “glance”, U-turn will go.

(3) Cycle repeat method: some clothing styles on a position too long, due to the impact of light and the surrounding style and other reasons no one is interested, then they can swap position, with other styles of clothing re-combination, so that Will produce a new art theme, an increase of the opportunity to sell. Will be inside the clothes on the shelf to move to the outside of the shelves, will be more compelling. Repeated through the cycle, together with the new style shelves, the clothing store will give people a constant change often new feeling.

(4)Decorative mapping method: in the clothing store to do some decorative background, you can strengthen the art of clothing products theme, to the customer left a deep impression. Such as children’s clothing shop on the walls to draw some childlike patterns, put a bouquet of flowers near the couple installed in the high-end fur clothing store put an animal specimen. Decorate against the background must not be overwhelming, the clerk must be aware of what they sell, so customers will ask, “This bunch of flowers how much money” will name, gifted, special, new clothing products, placed in the vicinity of old products, Produce a mutual effect against the background, it seems to imply that the products of this exhibition are good, but the background of the product can not be too bad

(5)Model props display method: In addition to some of the traditional models such as shirts, most fashion are used directly to the consumer display method of sales. People see a beautiful show, they will mistakenly believe that they wear so is so beautiful, it is an irresistible psychological. Store in addition to hanging display and shelf display, can also be used models show. General was the station, dummy models show, a beautiful salesperson can also act as models, the world’s first business model is the birth of this.

(6)Associated with convenient method: the same type of consumer objects need to put together a series of supplies, or often with the style together, you can facilitate the purchase of supporting customers, this combination of merchandise sales method known as easy and convenient law. Such as the men’s shirts, suits and ties, tie clips, etc. put together, the winter coat and hat, scarves, etc. placed together.

Fashion model props display of the six methods