What is dressmaking mannequin do?  It is usually used by fashion designer and dressmaker. Sometimes, the dressmaking mannequin is also called dressmaking dummy. In many of clothes    dressmaking mannequinstore window displays mannequin have a head and a limb, but dressmaking mannequins have only the torso. Because  the torso dressmaker’s dummy is sized for a particular clothing size, or a range of sizes, and can be used to create tops as well as bottoms.

       The torso shaped dressmaking mannequin is often mounted on a stand, the distance from the waistline to the ground allows it to be used for fitting pants, skirts and dresses, or garments for the upper torso. Some dressmaking mannequins are sold in a specific dress size, while others are adjustable. Custom-made dressmaking mannequins are made in the exact measurements of an individual’s body type rather than a general size.  What about a dressmaking mannequins manufacture? A dressmaking mannequin may be made of foam, plastic, wire, or a combination of these. So we will find some dressmaking mannequin forms that look quite unsightly as they may have different marking for fitting guidelines. Most of black dressmaking mannequin looks very elegant, because these types of mannequin are always used to display the finished garments.

       How about dressmaking mannequin’s price? As the dressmaking mannequin is one of the most important sewing supplies. Dressmaking mannequins are available where dressmaking supplies are sold. Some of the newer models that adjust into many different sizes may be extremely expensive, but used dressmaking mannequins are usually less expensive. If you want to have an ideal to get some dressmaking mannequins, you can contact us by our webset.  http://qianwandisplays.com/