The use of mannequins originated in the 15th century when miniature mannequins were used to demonstrate fashion for customers. One of the earliest window displays was done in New York City. Today, window displays are an essential component for retail brands to stand out from the crowd. Because the mannequin window display is not only selling cloth, but also help define the store’s brand. The window display is the face of the store. “How to create a store window display” becomes the significant part of the fashion store.a store window display

     Popular fashion is often symbolic of the era it is worn it. For example, most everyone can pair the bell bottom jeans with the 1970’s and a suit and fedora with the 1920’s. Popular clothing is also a good way to see what was happening in society and what values the society held during any given decade. So mannequin displays were becoming functional. The first thing to create a  store window display, you should take the unique style of mannequin into consideration. Because the unique style mannequin is a good way to deal with the question how to attract customers from a far”. People passing by should be able to spot the window display from a distance. The lighting, color and an eye-catching design all play a large role in drawing people in for a closer look, but the unique mannequin style and the life-size mannequin with its dynamic pose will be more attractive for a fashion clothes store.

      Then, in order to stimulate customers to enter the store, the display of mannequin in window should be enticing and elaborate enough to cause the customer to stop and look at the window display. Mannequin mixed with fashion clothes will be achieved by strategically placing the merchandise. The luxury and elegant mannequin display should be the central focal point, inspire and perhaps promote a certain lifestyle. By this way aspiring customer are encouraged to enter the store.  When you are planning to decorate a store, you should think about three points: attract customers from a far, stimulate customers to enter the store, promote the brand.  Therefore, mannequin display the fashion clothes in the store window also promoted the brand, as this display can make the customer deep impressions. Luckily, we can give you a hand to create a  window display, we can supply you all kinds of fashion mannequins to make customer stop and to appreciate your store fashion clothes. If you have needs, please contact us any time.  We will provide you excellent mannequins to decorate your fashion store.