From 1800 to the present, mannequins experienced a long period of development. Especially in recent decades, mannequins show strong evolutionary trend and become more and more realistic, glamorous and sporty. Under the current unprecedented competitive environment, mannequins can even “speak”, and became a clothing store, “the first shopping guide”, with its own unique language to attract more customers into the store to see how they persuade customers into the store and complete consumption.

    Mannequins – face fine carving
    After long years that shops adopt blurred abstract representation of mannequins without a head or face, it is now a lot of the shops began to return to the production of fine, specific mannequin. For example, Ralph Lauren shop obviously feels in shops, diverse facial expressions mannequins, makeup and wig return collectively. In the Christian Dior boutique shop, the eyes, lips, even down to the fingernails of mannequins can come to the fore, showing the brand hopes to lead the trend of makeup.

Clothing Store, "the First Shopping Guide": How Mannequins Convince the Customer to Complete the Consumption

How Mannequins Convince the Customer to Complete the Consumption

    Mannequins – the main direction of display props
    Mannequins have an important role in the clothing Products. Especially for those larger flagship store, the mannequin is the most intuitive sense of direction of the weapon to bring consumers. Generally each series clothing brand has a clear zoning. In these regions, there are  mannequins modeling that can highlight theme in every prominent position. These well-designed modeling match with a whole feeling not only help customers to know series of products quickly and product positioning, but also to help them grasp the trend of the elements in the shortest possible time and increase confidence. Compared to ordinary clothes rod racks, mannequins are able to highlight the highlights of clothing on the integrity and tailoring.

    Mannequins – style refined expression partition
    It has become an important trend that throughout the store tries to use a variety of different styles of mannequins.
    Mannequins of fashion retail businessman not only have abstract face and body, but also have clear face, expression, and body. By the influence of social network, online shopping and other shock, the new generation consumers can easily tolerate new objects and understand and absorb them effortlessly.
    White fiberglass is now the most widely used color and texture. Uniqlo shops adopt these kinds of translucent mannequins and add appropriate lighting, shining so that bring good visual effect. However, in Nordstorm, the famous fashion general merchandise prefer to choose gray mannequins. Especially in casual clothes area, fiberglass materials after the highly polished can make out gray texture effect. This technology can even see small cracks and this kind of design is intended to emphasize modern and sharp sense of avant-garde.
    Some fashion retail groups mannequins are gradually changing, and try using style mixed model props. Cynthia Mollica, director of Gap styling and visual creative, said that previous mannequins are conservative and standardized, but now some props of Gap are imitated and recreated from T station serves Pose. Some mannequin pose inspiration come from the pose when people take photo in reality, such as putting hands in pocket or a cross on his chest. Athleta, the sporting clothes brand of Gap, use mannequins with jogging and stretching pose. Some mannequin pose is just like snapshot of brand model or sporting stars. Creativity and market Athleta’s vice president said that these items can be more accurately depict the sun, healthy female body characteristics consumers. Some designers and manufacturers in the real model, actress or fashion street shooting people find design inspiration. Series mannequin pose is named by their prototype and retailers order mannequins by their name.

    Mannequins – High Tech
    In March, two veteran working it originally mannequins company start up a new company. They developed a new technology, which is when the customer passing shop windows, you can send the information of mannequin modeling to the phone, including the price, and how to find this and other information in a single product on the shelf. HM Times Square store is configured with a small display for every mannequin so that consumers can look up price, fabric and other information. Macy department store also exhibit some called virtual mannequins. The mannequin on screen nearly as high as scrolling has recorded different mannequin pose. These new images have some enlightening, because they, unlike the traditional model, eliminate the troubles to change clothes for them. But, at the same time, the performance of three-dimensional space has been cut, Macy’s senior vice president of visual merchandising said.