Clothing model props in our daily life often see, it has penetrated into every corner of our lives: clothing stores, wedding shops, shopping malls, etc., can be seen everywhere clothing model props shadow. So, a beautiful shape of the model props is how to make it? How to maintain the model props? Here, the Litai model will be popular in this area of ​​knowledge.

Clothing model props production and maintenance

The birth of a clothing model props to go through a few processes:

Sample — — the mold — open mold — blank — repair billet — spray primer – product inspection — spray paint — packaging — shipping warehousing this Several procedures.

Clothing model props should take such maintenance methods:

(1) made of gypsum, talc powder can be wiped with dry cloth.

(2) made of plastic, do not use chemical auxiliaries, please use the commonly used cleaning porcelain do not hurt the hand to clean the detergent.

(3) made of fiberglass fiber, from scratch to paint the corresponding paint.

Finally, on the clothing model props of the study, it is recommended to the corresponding clothing model props manufacturers to the system of learning professional knowledge, commodity interpretation, assembly, sale, furnishings tips. Guangzhou Qianwan model, is a Italian model hanger professional R & D design of the garment model manufacturer, was established in 2001, has 16 years of production experience, fashionable and sophisticated, popular in Europe and the United States international market.