We all know that clothing display props as one of the most effective way to display clothing, has an irreplaceable role. Since the last century seventies and eighties, clothing model props like the same spring, just a few years spread throughout the river north and south.

Clothing display must rely on props – showcase models.

Clothing model Road has a few categories:

Clothing display model style

Simulation model – resembles a real person, suitable for window display, store the main display and the need to create an atmosphere of the show, display.

Sculpture model – the image of similar art sculpture, black, color, gray and other colors, more abstract, solemn, not like the simulation model as a sense of life.

Abstract simulation model – only the body of the measurements, and even just like the general structure of the hanger, this model is more interesting, suitable for performance and highlight the popular clothing.

The type of clothing commonly used in garment processing enterprises. Itself is wood, covered with a thick layer of cloth, the color is white or black, the top and bottom with wood or stainless steel. Commonly used to try the kind of clothing. Store show is not used.