• Why do you want to buy display models

Why do you want to buy display models

A high-end clothing, loosely hanging in the ordinary hanger, you may pass will not see more than two eyes, but if you use clothing show models to wear it, coupled with the appropriate accessories, and […]

  • Three criteria to help boutique women's store display

Three criteria to help boutique women’s store display

Shop display is related to the corporate image design, attracting a large number of passenger problems. Recently held in the “Apparel Fashion Forum”, the person concerned made this elaboration. Experts point out that the store […]

  • fashion-model-props-display-of-the-six-methods

Fashion model props display of the six methods

When we go shopping will find each clothing store will use the model props to show their flagship clothing, show a variety of forms. That clothing props display which are several ways? Qianwan model props […]

  • Abstract of shop window mannequin

Abstract of shop window mannequin

Like it, say it! Maybe she’s not as graceful as you might think, is not as elegant as you might think, but in this colorful world, meaning the term is one of a kind. This […]

  • making-a-mannequin-head

Making a Mannequin Head

Fashion display mannequin is useful for a clothing store. About customizing a mannequin is very important to small shops, accessory stores. Sometimes the decorators couldn’t need to buy a full body mannequin product, when they […]

  • The use of mannequin

The Use of Mannequin

Mannequin also known as body forms, it comes in many different styles, materials and colors. There are mannequins are made of wood,fiberglass,plastic,fabric and so on. The mannequin perform the function of a fashion show model […]

  • dressmaking mannequin

Dressmaking Mannequin

    What is dressmaking mannequin do?  It is usually used by fashion designer and dressmaker. Sometimes, the dressmaking mannequin is also called dressmaking dummy. In many of clothes    store window displays mannequin have […]