Abstract of shop window mannequin

Like it, say it! Maybe she’s not as graceful as you might think, is not as elegant as you might think, but in this colorful world, meaning the term is one of a kind. This fiberglass models will make you feel worthwhile.

She, using epoxy resin and glass fiber composite material composed of durable, each procedure are strictly closed. More important is that we will market reflects the experience, shop display test and analysis combined with international customers to provide product development, so that we form new mannequins and display concepts. We provide a complete show, specializing in the research and development capability and manufacturing capability, providing bespoke requirements. Tailor-make exclusive clothing model and all kinds of exclusive items display. As a model-maker has a whole team, to direct the production, from the initial idea to the display window. The most important is excellence in quality, production, finishing and delivery. We firmly believe that our personal contact with suppliers contribute to this goal. That is why we have recently introduced our own and permanent quality control.

Abstract of shop window mannequin (QW-ZY-YZF305)-the adoption of high grade glass fiber resin hand-polished, plus 2 3 Primer topcoat to ensure smooth model surface clean, shiny texture, not easily fade. This product’s dimensions: height: 140cm/width of the shoulders: 39cm/bust: 82cm/waist: 62cm/hip: 86cm; Base: stainless steel/stainless steel/wood base/PMMA helical tube z direct intubation; there are shoe designs, inclined inserted staves can be inserted Shanks, feet off the ground and wear shoes. Prices between 100-110 bucks. Minimum order quantity: 10 Piece. Of course, we also accept sample order. In addition, our payment, shipping time and shipping/delivery methods can be provided according to your needs. About packing, we generally use double square carton packaging bubble wrap to ensure completely damaged during transport.

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