Monthly Archives: April 2017

Welcome to C-star Retail Fair in Shanghai

The third edition of C-star – Shanghai’s International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 26 to 28, 2017. In order to boost the cooperative development between […]

Clothing model props in the clothing store in the importance

We often see in the business of fire clothing stores have some clothing models props wearing fashion clothes in the hanging plate, so that guests will be through the window model props on the plate to see where the characteristics […]

Clothing display model style

We all know that clothing display props as one of the most effective way to display clothing, has an irreplaceable role. Since the last century seventies and eighties, clothing model props like the same spring, just a few years spread […]

The arrangement of the window props

In the window design, the window in a variety of forms, window design and model props are also placed in different. How to better design window, better with the clothing model props placed, Qianwan model with some experience, for everyone to […]

Qianwan mannequin,clothing model props custom experts

Clothing model props customized to become a trend

Model props industry rapid development, which is the development of clothing is inseparable, in particular, some emerging clothing brand is no longer popular models of props products for clothing display, procurement model in […]

How to choose high-quality clothing model props manufacturers

“Model” with the industry that is the clothing model props, is used to show clothing appliances, such as: artificial models, exhibition racks, hangers and so on. Usually used for clothing stores, or exhibition hall, to achieve the role of simulation, […]

Shopping malls of the props model grows into “a nine head”

A high-end fashion, loosely hanging in the ordinary hangers, you may pass will not see more than two, but if you use the props to wear it, to catch the appropriate accessories, and then hit the spotlight spotlight, clothes Of […]

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