Monthly Archives: April 2016

Window display mannequin is a magic weapon to win the success of sales

Oh, Window display mannequin is very important!A grade elegant and beautiful clothes, if general ordinary to hang it in ordinary clothes and through fine clothing display props, models to wear it up, with appropriate accessories, then the spotlight hit in […]

Whether you believe it or not , Qianwan mannequin props sales is good

Qianwan mannequin props manufacturers always insist on quality first, attaches great importance to the needs of buyers in costumes. Now the costumes purchaser in the procurement items of clothing, not just look at the price, but also value the quality […]

Purchasing mannequin items need to pay attention to details

Qianwan mannequin display propz in garment industry has 10 years of history, and the production of discriminant mannequin prop has accumulated a lot of experience. Today small and large family to share in the procurement mannequin prop should pay attention […]

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