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Dressmaking Mannequin

    What is dressmaking mannequin do?  It is usually used by fashion designer and dressmaker. Sometimes, the dressmaking mannequin is also called dressmaking dummy. In many of clothes    store window displays mannequin have a head and a limb, […]

The Spelling of Mannequin

A mannequin is a model of a human being, or of a large part of a human body. It is always made of construction material vary widely, like as the mannequin size or realism. The mannequins are probably most famous […]

Funny wood mannequin

Funny wood mannequin

For a mannequin, it has become the part of fashion. Excellent mannequin can express the fashion soul and spirit. And the window display mannequins are the right now in the fashion industry and Qianwan mannequins has developed a […]

Create a Store Window Display

     The use of mannequins originated in the 15th century when miniature mannequins were used to demonstrate fashion for customers. One of the earliest window displays was done in New York City. Today, window displays are an essential component […]

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