Monthly Archives: January 2015

Choosing The Best Velvet Hanger for Sale

The velvet hanger for sale is designed to show off the clothes in an organized way. They lead to many an array of benefits. However, there are a few factors that you should consider beofore making a decision. It is […]

How to Choose Dress Form for Sale

The dress forms for sale can be used for displaying a variety of the clothes or accessories. If you are a designer who specializes in devising various fashional garments, choosing the dress form for sale is an important thing that […]

Exquisite Display Rack

Display rack, also known as product display stand, promotional rack, portable display prop, display shelf and so on. It is a product promotional display rack designed in according with the feature of your product. With your LOGO on it, your […]

4 Tips of Choosing Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers seem simple, but they could damage clothes if you buy the inferiors. Following is the tips for buying wooden hangers. How to tell the choose good hangers from its paint, texture, surface and resistance.

1.Wooden hangers’ paint

see whether edges […]

How to Choose Dressmakers Mannequins

The dressmakers mannequins are tailored for displaying different apparels or accessories. Whether your clothes have pluses or minuses, there will be one that suite for your products. The goal of them is to make the sewing apparel and costumes so […]

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