“On the development trend, Chinese costumes are stylish embellishment in the future. Costumes will be carrying most of the needs of the user, in the past of many years; fitting shop has become an important indicator. From the display, mannequins, display racks, during the use, there are many places to be not pretty, not high-grade and so on. As a senior costumes showcase company, deeply know that only high degree of integration of hardware and software to the good results, have the ability to enhance the clothing store client user experience, based on the ideas and ideals have, we are innovative, the pursuit of fashion, leading fashion trends. QianWan promise to customers, we will use the excellent technical service and technical support, bring the best service make you have wonderful purchase experience, QianWan is one of the most trusted cooperation partners.”


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Store mannequin is use to catch your eyes. A mannequin is a model of a human being, or of a large part of a human body. The construction materials used to make these models vary widely.



Hanger is use to hanging clothes,hanger can be divide into plastic hanger and wooden hanger,most of hanger is different.Plastic hanger also have many style,chrome,disposable,velvet…


display rack

Display rack as a marketing tool, along with the terminal POP advertising evolved. It has a green, convenient , quick assembly, etc. Placed in the sales sites, can play display of goods, …


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